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Telugu folkpop; tribal independence beats and beyond

2 December 2010

Hi all,

We’re not really enjoying this sudden switch to the fierce, snowy cold here in Brussel, brrrrrrr. Ness is sick with a heavy cold and jetlag. Why did we come back? Anyway, here another Indian folkpop post of collected music on our trip. It’s all Telugu in this one, artam owtundaa….. avunu / kadu? Let’s go!

Telugu is the (quite difficult) language of Andhra Pradesh, the biggest state of South India and it’s the cultural divider of Dravidian influences to neighbouring states (Dravidians are the “original” Indians since old times). Telugu culture has its own movie industry, movie music and folkpop music that reach deep allover South India. Time for some Telugu music and its rapid beats for those with quick feet and 3 lungs.

Here some songs I got off an mp3 disc with about 150 Telugu folk songs from the tribal Telangana part of Andhra Pradesh. After some little web research on Telanganga it seems that most of the songs on this disc is about the wish for an independent Telangana state. Political folkpop indeed. The message will be lost on us but our bodies might react better to the beats.

unknown artist- Yenukamundu Chusudendi

some smashing glass, gun shots and bomb in this one, wha!
unknown artist – Uru Telangana

unknown artist – Janedu Betthedu

The second Telugu folkpop mp3 disc is without a political message (I think) and ruled by female artists. Most of the songs on it have been digitalised to mp3’s from grainy cassettes. The cassette industry is still big in local folkpop scenes, so it’s normal for releases to first appear on cassette and only later on cd or mp3.

Chinnikayalu Pandinaye – Vayyari Bhama

Janapadha Sogasulu – Track 1

The 3rd cd goes boyond the folkpop category and into modern day Telugu movie (filmy music) times, gone with the traditional clothing and such. The sexy front cover says enough right? Here you get tougher produced beats, advanced recording techniques, fusion of styles and presto; a sound to rival the Bollywood sound, which is exactly what it does.

Subbaravo Subbaravo track 3

Na Mate Vintara track 4

ok, more posts will still come up here, with photo’s, words and music. We might be home but still traveling a bit in our mind.

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  1. 4 December 2010 10:32

    Welcome home !
    Must be quite a shock coming back in this weather 🙂
    Take care and thanks for all the nice posts.

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