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Jharkhand folkpop and tribal festivities

31 October 2010

Johar! Time for more Indian folkpop, some tunes I picked up from the jungle state of Jharkhand with a fine flavour of tribal sounds in electronic spheres.

This pure, tribal song is from an mp3 disc filled with lo-fi cassette recordings as you can hear in the nice monochromed hiss. Special drums in tribal tongue, great tune.

Chotka Dewa More – Untitled

To get more digital, here 2 smash tunes from a Kiran Audio mp3 disc. Quite the dance stuff for Jharkhandi disco floors and weddings (as we heard at that Munda tribal wedding)

Unknown – Jay Raho Tor Ghare

Unknown – Tor Ghare Jaboo Hole

And to top it off, some more flashy folkpop tunes from Kiran Audio as presented/produced by one Yesu Raj -which actually means ‘Jesus the king’, a subtle alias or real name?- This bizarre, electronic tune just has something special, don’t you think?

Unknown – Chay Na Piyabe

It was time to leave friendly Sambalpur, where you saw no other tourists or white folks, except some American baptist missionaries. -because those savage tribals here need to be converted and saved en masse, so they think, oh boy!- : /

This week is gonna be an exciting, busy and bizarre week with a lot of moving around. We have spent 2 nights in Balangir (apparently India’s hottest place in summer; 50 degees) through an invitation of our friend Bijaya. Yesterday we’ve met a locally famous Sambalpuri label boss/movie director and he wants Ness to act/dance in one of his Sambalpuri dance video’s. How could she say no to that? 😉  so we’ll return to Balangir next week for this video fun.

Tonight we’re taking a sleeper train to the tribal area’s of southern Orissa. On Monday there will be a 3 day tribal folk festival at the small town of Naurangapur and a good opportunity to get some recordings done. After that we’ll go deeper into tribal territory around the Koraput area, an area that apparently has a lot of Naxalite (maoist) activity, so we’ll have to keep a low profile (which is something that every smart traveler in India does anyway). Much fun to be had, so we hope to be online from time to time to update things from these tribal parts.

Enjoy the sounds!

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