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Tribal Munda wedding of homebrew quality

22 October 2010

We’ve already experienced quite some Indian marriages a few years back, from upperclass Indians to casteless gypsies in their desert dwelling but tribal weddings are of another partyhard class.

The Munda wedding  we went to on Wednesday; it was of the sister of a women whose husbands is an employee at Telluris. Ofcourse, in true Indian fashion, we were quickly and sincerely invited. What to say? Lots of junglebrew rice beer (ili), liquor (rum or jack), drunken drumming, sober Christian nuns, palm leaves decorated with lamps, all kinds of wild beef, goat and chicken meat in metal buckets, chanting grandmothers, folkloric tribal round dances , distorted folkpop disco and wild dancing by psyched teenagers. Great fun. And to add, we actually only arrived at the ending ceremony when the bride was carried away by someone on the shoulder following the path of tradition, missing most of it. The shorter the time, the better the experience.

Recording of when the drunken guys started drumming, the mostly sober girls chanting and everyone doing a tribal round dance, right click and save!

Munda wedding chants

Some wedding spheres…..

Joar! a Mundari hello and goobye at the same time from Jharkhand.

Next post, we’ll probably be in Orissa

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