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off to Ranchi in the jungle state of Jharkhand

15 October 2010

hi all,

the coming week we might not be online as much as here in speedy internet Kolkata, so don’t fear if we are quiet.  Tonight we are taking the night train to Ranchi in the non-touristy jungle state of Jharkhand to visit our Belgian friend Stephen at the Telluris NGO project. Apparently this central area of Jharkhand is not the safest place to be right now (with maoist rebels using the area as the base for their guerilla activities and have been quite active the past few weeks), but Stephan assured us that it is safe enough to com.

Telluris is an organisation that helps and supports the tribal Munda people throughout the southern part of the state where they are not cared for by the local government. The fieldwork consists of raising awareness in the villages and the implication of new projects to do with organic agriculture methods, water systems and more. Please, all we ask is just to take a look at the Telluris website and donate something to their projects if you are able to. It’s always needed.

a promotion video can be seen here;

Telluris and the Munda from IndiVisuals on Vimeo.

On Sunday we will visit the remote Munda tribal villages with Stephan and his colleagues as there will be an important village meeting about the active projects. We hope to have some news/pictures afterwards, if internet will allow.

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  1. 17 October 2010 16:45

    Great project and initiative from Telluris.
    Our western communities have a lot to learn from these ethnic tribal cultures.
    Keeping this diversity alive may well in future provide us with ancient solutions for our own overdeveloped societies.
    I can only applaud the efforts of everyone involved in this project.
    They can count on my support, and I encourage everyone to do the same.


    • 18 October 2010 12:53

      Thanks for these nice words and for the support, Henri! I’ll pass the message to the people of Telluris.

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