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Kolkata Metro Adventure

14 October 2010
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The Kolkata metro is crazy. We tried to take it one time. What a crazy experience: Metro comes, overfull already and then you have to ‘fight’ to get in. The first one that came was impossible to get in. The next one we tried again and with success! I was squeezed between the shoulder of a guy and a soft big belly of an older man. Inside it’s hot, you cannot move. Luckily, I’m tall and able to see and breath a bit, I try to ‘enjoy’ the adventure and let go of claustrophobic thoughts.  To get out is another fight, especially when in that station the doors open on the other side. We push, fight and wrestle to get out… because as we want to get out, lots of others want to get in. Adrenaline pumping to our veins… from behind we hear some people encouraging us to get out: ‘PUSH THEM! Push them away!’

Happy that we managed to get out and that the metro had no electricity breakdown, because that’s what happened the next day, we read in the newspaper, people got stuck for 35 minutes in the dark, gasping for breath. This picture is taken  the next day that we took the metro, when the metro was not busy at all, you can imagine how it is like when it is busy…

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  1. Boud permalink
    15 October 2010 14:21

    En wij dan maar klagen over de Brusselse metro 😉

    • 15 October 2010 14:26

      Hihi, ja, dat dacht ik ook toen ik daar middenin de metro geplet stond… De brusselse trams en metro’s zijn eigenlijk nog uiterst relax 🙂

  2. Nilo permalink
    15 October 2010 14:37

    Hehe, de metro in Kolkata is de max. Good times! Iemand zit met zijn neus in jouw oksel terwijl jij per ongeluk iemand anders over zijn kont streelt. Als gringo zit jij je natuurlijk te pletter te zweten, terwijl die Indiërs er anders wel piekfijn uitzien!

    • 15 October 2010 14:45

      haha, ja, een kenner, zweten inderdaad… heb nog zeker een half uur moeten uitzweten!

      • Seb Bassleer permalink*
        15 October 2010 14:54

        en nog in een lichte waas van een adrenaline high bij het raga concert 😉

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